Legal Information


Privacy Policy

Wilson watch works LLC does not distribute private customer information to any third parties for any reason. All customer information is maintained in a secure manner. Our workshop is protected by ADT security and the exterior of our facility is monitored 24 hours a day by closed circuit television. Our electronic devices and computers are password protected with firewalls in place. Paper privacy records are stored on file in a secured office filing system. Electronic customer information is collected and stored in password protected files behind appropriate firewalls. No credit card or other sensitive information is collected in digital format form or transmitted over networks that are accessible by persons other than those who need to know and have been instructed in the protection of such information. Sensitive customer information on paper is shredded when it is no longer necessary to maintain that information. Our safeguards coordinator routinely monitors computer files and documents. All unnecessary files and documents are securely shredded and files are routinely deleted.

Red Flags Rule

We have created a system to protect our customers and identify the risk factors associated with the possibility of identity theft. We have reasonable polices and procedures to identify these red flags and will report suspicious activity to the appropriate agency.


The warranty covers defects of the internal moving parts of any new timepiece sold to the original owner. The warranty does not cover external parts, defects caused by outside force or improper use, nor does it cover regular wear and tear from normal use or any outside modifications and third party repair attempts. O&W Aviation Series watches are Not Water Resistant. Water resistant watch seals are examined, set and lubed with DC7 waterproof grease, due to possible customer mishap we are not responsible for any water damage and do not test or guarantee water resistance. Diver watches should be examined and pressure tested by a certified dive watch specialist prior to any diving activity for safety. Water resistance is not permanent. Gaskets around the crown, crystal, and case back are subject to wear. They can deteriorate in time, and should be inspected periodically. Checking the gaskets in a general water resistant watch can often be just a visual inspection. The application of silicone lubrication can extend the life of the gaskets and can be applied during routine maintenance or service.

3 year manufactures warranty on Seiko Marinemaster watches.

2 year manufactures warranty on Marathon watches.

2 year manufactures warranty on current YEMA watches.

1 year warranty on O&W watches.

1 year warranty on Swiss Made mechanical movements.

1 year warranty on reconditioned vintage mechanical movements.

1 year warranty on certified pre-owned watch movements.


We make a sincere attempt to expedite all repairs. Repairs can take up to 120 days depending upon parts availability and the complexity of the repair. Once a repair is completed the watch will be held and tested for 3-5 days before we are able to ship. Return shipping on any repair under warranty is at no cost. Any watch sent in for repair out of warranty is subject to a required minimum service fee. This fee includes basic testing, case cleaning, stem lube, case seal check and lube, regulation and minor repairs or adjustments. The balance due for any completed repairs or custom assemblies must be satisfied within 30 days.


Wilson Watch Works LLC and the w3 logo are property of Chris Pappas the founder and CEO of Wilson Watch Works LLC. We also maintain ownership of Carolina Watch Works and Use of these names is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Chris Pappas.

Genuine watch manufacturing

Wilson Watch Works LLC will not handle any watch that is of suspicious origin. We do not service or sell any replica or counterfeit items and will not respond to anyone interested in having services performed on any such items.